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Make Money Writing Articles - Join

Do you really want to make money writing articles? If yes, then join A place where you really get paid to share original ideas.

To be honest, the term I used in the title, "Make Money Writing Articles", is too specific and I used it for SEO purpose and of course to keep my title to an acceptable length. However you can earn from this site not by just submitting original articles, but you can also share your videos, audios, images whatever you feel like sharing and which are not published yet anywhere. You earn a sort of royalties until your content exists on the page from where it is generating revenues.

I would try to make you aware of this online money making opportunity systematically so that you are not lost and understand each and every thing. So starting from the beginning or in other words, "First Things First".

1).Who Can Join

This is an important question for sure. The answer is that anyone is eligible to join this web site. No matter from what part of the world you are or what expertise level do you have in free lance writing. You can join Triond as long as you are able to generate some original ideas, you are eligible enough to be a part of this site if the content shared by you has not been published anywhere else before.

2).How Does Work?

Triond works on a simple basis. You submit your original content. This content could be in the form of text (articles), videos, audios or images. Once submitted, your work is published on the related niche sites/blogs which are part of the Triond's publishing network. The management of Triond ensures that content published is related to the blog or site most correlated to your content's topic. Triond has hundreds of networked blogs and websites (by the way on researching, I found only blogs which contained the work of the authors in them and not the websites. However it does not make any difference) where your content can be published.

3).How Do You Make Money From

Once published, you get a 50% share of the revenue what your contents generate. I have seen some of the published work of the members of Triond. The pages where there articles are, have so many income generating units all over them like Google Adsense (recently added), Chitika premium ad units, Yahoo Ads e.t.c So you get rewarded on a revenue sharing basis. Which means that whatever your content on that specific page generates through visitors clicks or pageviews (whatever), you get a fair 50% share of it. Let's say for example one of the page where your content is, generates a revenue of $10 in a month through visitors clicks. You will get $5 as your earnings from that content. They sure have integrated some java script code to track revenues of each source from each page.

4).How Do You Get Paid?

You get paid by Triond from various sources which are Paypal, check, Western Union (I love this, "Western Union" mode of payment).

5).What Are The Minimum Payouts?

Minimum payouts vary according to the mode of payment you opt. For Paypal its $0.50, that's sure very low. The minimum amount to be reached before you get paid via a check and western union is $50. The charges for check processing is $3.

6).Are There Any Referral Earnings?

Yes, they just recently added this opportunity. You can be get paid for every member referred to Triond by you. You get a 10% of your referral's earnings for your whole life. This 10% is of course not deducted from referral's earnings. However you cannot get a share from your referral's earnings, if the revenue generated by your referral is through Adsense ads.

So what are you waiting for? log on to and make money writing articles and sharing your videos, audios and images.


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