Thursday, 11 March 2010

How To Build Strong Relationship With Your Readers

In my other post about the benefits of building strong Interpersonal Relationships I advised that building strong relationships with your readers/visitors/customers is necessary in order to succeed in online business. If you are a blogger, it is also necessary that you make your readers feel friendly and comfortable at your blog so that they keep on visiting again and again and also refer your blog to their friends as well. Thus resulting in increased number of readers which ultimately means more online money. As the benefits I already discussed in the last post, I would now discuss the ways through which you can ensure that you are not a stranger to your readers and make sure that readers to your blog do not come to your blog only once through organic search, but they also bookmark and email your blog page as well.

Since I have decided to impart useful blogging tips and tricks to my readers, so following are the ways to make your readers your friends.

1).Write Quality Content

The top priority should always be the content you are posting on your blog. If it's informative, unique, well written and the readers feel to be engaged, then you will be able to strengthen your bonds with the readers. Of course the visitors are there in search of information. If they feel that the thirst of their knowledge is quenched at your blog, then its more likely that they will follow your blog and refer others as well. Additionally, a little bit of humor can really spice up your content as the readers will feel that they are not reading a newspaper. It's a blog man!!! be natural and the requirement of creating "engaging content" will be almost fulfilled.

2).Use Social Media Websites

Since the advent of these social media websites, the businesses have used this medium very effectively and have been successful. So sign up for these websites like twitter, facebook e.t.c and start following people of your blog's niche. Try to create online community so that the people start knowing you.

A useful way of being effective on these websites is that always complete your full profile. People love to know who they are engaging with. If you leave an incomplete profile, people would not feel like getting engaged with you. Or in other words, if you have your complete profile, with your snaps as well, people would feel that they are interacting with a human. So more chances are created of better relationships if you have your updated and complete profile.

3).Join And Be Active In Forums

Whatever topic you blog about, try to find out some forums related to your niche. Of course you will find forum for any topic as the internet world is too big. Once you come up with some good forums, join these forums. However you cannot achieve your target by just joining them, you need to take an active part in them. Taking active part means start helping out other members in the forums, try to become friends and if you have done these two things and don't know what else to do in the forum. I advise you should start asking questions about the things you need an answer for. Of course this is also going to make you known by the other bloggers or web masters.

You must have figured out that why I said to find forums related to your niche. Of course you can only help other members if you yourself know the answers of the questions asked and this can only happen if the question asked is about your passion.

4).Post Comments On Others Blogs

Try to locate bloggers, blogging in your niche. Read their blog posts and start posting comments. Note that do not post spam comments like, "Nice article, Keep it up or I enjoyed reading thanks for posting" or other crap like this. You'll do this and the bloggers will start blacklisting you. So post original comments which enhance the value of the posts or the blog. Asking questions related to the blog post you are commenting on by the blogger is a good way to initiate the interaction between you and the blogger. This way the people besides the blogger, come to know you and and your blog. And of course, do not forget to leave your blog address. Not in the comment body, but in the "URL" section of a comment. To make people's following to you even more convinient, you can type your blog title in the "Name" section. Or if it seem too spammy, you can type your name and blog title both like yourname@your blog title. The people will start knowing you by your name and your blog.

5).Allowing Comments On Your Blog
Allowing comments on your blog is also an effective way to interact with your readers. Of course the rule is to write good quality articles so the readers are compelled to post their comments. However making visitors feel like posting comment, is a topic which I will discuss in great detail in any other post. For this post, I would advise you that always reply and reply positively against your reader's comments. Make sure that you do reply. If the visitors feel that you don't pay a damn about the comments they post to your article, they will stop commenting in future. Additionally, replying them in friendly tone (this does not mean that reply in favor of the comment. It can be against as well) will help you in making your readers your friends and feel easy on your blog.

6).Create An Email Subscription List
Creating an email list of your readers is a good way to keep your readers engaged with your blog. You need to place an email subscription form or opt-in box at your blog so that the readers can enter their email addresses so that they keep on receiving updates of your blogs. these opt-in boxes can be placed after you sign up for the "auto responders". There are many available out there, free or with some monthly subscription fee. At present, I am not able to recommend any auto responder. So do the research work yourself. Once you develop a good list of your subscribers, it will ensure that your readers keep on visiting your blog for every update.


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