Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Dropshipping Business


You must be in search of a wonderful home based business opportunity from where you can make money on the side per month especially being with your family all the time. Who wouldn't love that?

So there's one way you can make literally thousands a month online. This way to make money does not even require patience or any technical expertise like the "blogging" where you have to first develop some good traffic (which requires some technical knowledge) and then only some cash will come towards you.

The only thing you require is to have a credit card (most preferably your own), an internet connection and that's it. Now using these two tools, you can supplement your monthly income.

So what's this method actually is? Have you heard of Dropshipping? If not then don't panic. I am going to tell you that what this "Dropshipping" really mean and how it can be a good source of your monthly online income?

Dropshipping phenomenon actually is the deliverance or shipping the product to it's consumer. So how can you make money out of it? It's simple. Search for the dropshipping companies related to the niche you are passionate about. Of course the golden rule is to promote only those products about which you can write their specifications or respond to the queries related to them. You can sure find many companies which provide these dropshipping opportunities. After signing up for these companies, and choosing the product, you list the product anywhere where your potential buyers have access to your product to buy it or at least to preview it so that they can buy it. This "anywhere" could be an online marketplace, your blog, your website e.t.c.

When your buyer decides to purchase your product, he places an order and pays you. Of course he does not know that you are promoting a product of another dropshipping company (why should he?). When you receive that order and of course the payment, you quickly take out your credit card and again place an order to that drop shipping company. The shipping or delivery address is of course of your customer. You pay the company and the company will deliver that product to your customer's doorsteps and that's it.

But wait a minute! Where's the profit after all? Actually the profit lies in the price you charge to your customer and the price you are charged by that drop shipping "Whole Sale" company or in other words these dropshipping suppliers are actually dropshipping wholesalers. You got that. Actually the company charges you the whole sale rate and you charge your customer the retail rate or to gain an edge, below the retail rate. So if an item is available at $100 out there, you can have access to it at say $70 (whole sale rate). Now it depends totally on you that at what price you want to market that item.

Of course being logical the price would not exceed $100 neither you would charge any thing below $70. To gain the edge over your competitors, you decide to sell that item at $95. The customer pays this amount to you which is credited to your bank account and gives you the shipping address. You quickly place the same order to the company and pay them $70 with the shipping address of your customer. Your customer receives the item, the company makes a sale and you grab a commission of almost $25 (excluding the credit card charges).

So without the hassles of maintaining the stocks or inventory you can make some good money from this whole drop shipping business. The key is to market your product effectively and charge your customers wisely.

Definitely there are more questions to be answered, but I would do that in any other post. Until then you develop for yourself, a list of good whole sale drop shipping online companies.


Friday, 19 March 2010

Clicksia Payment Proof


I've been working on clicksia for quite a few months. At last I reached the minimum payout threshold of $1 on 17th of March 2010. I requested for the payment and I received it in within 2 business days i.e on 19th of March 2010.

See below the image of payment proof. Where I have received through Alertpay.

Clicksia payment proof

So I think it eradicates the doubts if somebody has pertaining to the legitimacy of clicksia. It really pays. I advise you to join it. Create your free account at

By the way, this is my first payment from any PTC site in my Alertpay account. I have made money online from other PTC sites too but this one's the first which has dispatched my earnings to my Alertpay account. I will sure re-invest it.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Chitika - An Adsense Alternative.

1 comments search targeted advertising network
The internet is full of online money making opportunities. If you are able to detect scam and approach only those opportunities which are legit, then this virtual world is going to be a best place for you in making some extra cash online while staying at home.

In this post I would discuss another source to make some good money while blogging. This source is known as It's similar to other "display ads on your blog" websites where you have an opportunity to display ads and earn money on every click of your visitors. has some exclusive features too which make it stand out from other contextual advertising network. But first little introduction would be useful.

Chitika,Inc. was founded by Venket Kolluri and Alden Dorosorio. It serves more than 2 billion ads per month and displayed in more than 35000 websites. The exclusive feature I was talking about it is that it's basically a search targeted advertising network. Which means that the Java script which is integrated by the blogger in his blog, tracks the keywords of the visitors of the blog coming from search engine and then displays the ads in its database most related to that keyword(s). So basically it's core competence lies in monetizing your traffic coming from search engines.

I intent to write more than one post about this website. In this post I would restrict myself to some introductory notes about this online income opportunity.

I said that chitika's main concern is monetizing your search traffic. However they also provide contextual based advertising option too where the ads displayed are correlated to the content of your blog. But this opportunity is only restricted to Chitika Eminimall ad units or just recently added in March 2010, Chitika Select (to be honest, I haven't tried both of them but I will inform you about their features as soon as I try them). You can switch Chitika Eminimall ads to either contextual based or search based. If you switch to contextual based, you cannot have adsense ads on the same page, these Chitika ads are operating. However they can be a good source of adsense alternative. If you do not want to confront google adsense and want to get along with it. You can switch to search targeted option and can place the ads on the same page where your adsense ads are.

Since the ads displayed are close to the keywords typed by your visitors which led him to your page, then there's a fair chance that you will get a high click through rate. What you have to is to place the ad unit at the position where they are most visible to your visitors and they will tend to click more on these ads than any other contextual based ads. Talking of high click through rate (CTR), my CTR with chitika ad units is around 3.5-4% where as in adsense it was around 2%.

The amount earned per click is not so encouraging for me. Though I have come across some blogs whose member profess that their chitika ad units yield more than google's adsense per click but for me its otherwise. The average pay per click for me is around 7 to 8 cents. In adsense it was 18 to 20 cents. A huge difference according to my own experience.

You can also earn referral commission of 10% for the first 15 months your referral earns through chitika. Sure chitika has an upper hand in this matter as no referral program is being run by google any more. These 15 months start right from the date your referral is approved.

The downside of chitika's earning is of course the one that I discussed above i.e low pay per click (according to my own experience). More demerits of it would be that the ads are only visible to search engine traffic coming from USA and Canada only. So you require a good traffic from these countries in order to make money from Chitika. Lastly, I would like to tell you about its audited and unaudited revenue. Unaudited revenue is the normal revenue you earn on each click. Audited revenue is the revenue which is updated after 1-2 days of unaudited revenue. It means that Chitika staff or bots assess the legitimacy of each and every click and deducts the earnings of every click they are suspicious about.

It's not a bad system at all. I think even adsense should have innovated it a long time ago. But my main concern is the huge difference between audited and unaudited revenue. For me this difference is about 50-70%. Its not only me who's complaining about it but I have seen many other chitika members expressing their disgust against this mass reduction.

However overall it's a fine ads service and a person can make some good money out of it. The other day I was researching, I read a blog where a person is making almost $100 a day. The only trick he says is the optimized positioning of the ad units and that's it. By the way the minimum payout is $10 and $50 for Paypal and bank check respectively. So I'd recommend you to be a part of It's definitely worth trying.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Make Money Writing Articles - Join


Do you really want to make money writing articles? If yes, then join A place where you really get paid to share original ideas.

To be honest, the term I used in the title, "Make Money Writing Articles", is too specific and I used it for SEO purpose and of course to keep my title to an acceptable length. However you can earn from this site not by just submitting original articles, but you can also share your videos, audios, images whatever you feel like sharing and which are not published yet anywhere. You earn a sort of royalties until your content exists on the page from where it is generating revenues.

I would try to make you aware of this online money making opportunity systematically so that you are not lost and understand each and every thing. So starting from the beginning or in other words, "First Things First".

1).Who Can Join

This is an important question for sure. The answer is that anyone is eligible to join this web site. No matter from what part of the world you are or what expertise level do you have in free lance writing. You can join Triond as long as you are able to generate some original ideas, you are eligible enough to be a part of this site if the content shared by you has not been published anywhere else before.

2).How Does Work?

Triond works on a simple basis. You submit your original content. This content could be in the form of text (articles), videos, audios or images. Once submitted, your work is published on the related niche sites/blogs which are part of the Triond's publishing network. The management of Triond ensures that content published is related to the blog or site most correlated to your content's topic. Triond has hundreds of networked blogs and websites (by the way on researching, I found only blogs which contained the work of the authors in them and not the websites. However it does not make any difference) where your content can be published.

3).How Do You Make Money From

Once published, you get a 50% share of the revenue what your contents generate. I have seen some of the published work of the members of Triond. The pages where there articles are, have so many income generating units all over them like Google Adsense (recently added), Chitika premium ad units, Yahoo Ads e.t.c So you get rewarded on a revenue sharing basis. Which means that whatever your content on that specific page generates through visitors clicks or pageviews (whatever), you get a fair 50% share of it. Let's say for example one of the page where your content is, generates a revenue of $10 in a month through visitors clicks. You will get $5 as your earnings from that content. They sure have integrated some java script code to track revenues of each source from each page.

4).How Do You Get Paid?

You get paid by Triond from various sources which are Paypal, check, Western Union (I love this, "Western Union" mode of payment).

5).What Are The Minimum Payouts?

Minimum payouts vary according to the mode of payment you opt. For Paypal its $0.50, that's sure very low. The minimum amount to be reached before you get paid via a check and western union is $50. The charges for check processing is $3.

6).Are There Any Referral Earnings?

Yes, they just recently added this opportunity. You can be get paid for every member referred to Triond by you. You get a 10% of your referral's earnings for your whole life. This 10% is of course not deducted from referral's earnings. However you cannot get a share from your referral's earnings, if the revenue generated by your referral is through Adsense ads.

So what are you waiting for? log on to and make money writing articles and sharing your videos, audios and images.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

How To Build Strong Relationship With Your Readers


In my other post about the benefits of building strong Interpersonal Relationships I advised that building strong relationships with your readers/visitors/customers is necessary in order to succeed in online business. If you are a blogger, it is also necessary that you make your readers feel friendly and comfortable at your blog so that they keep on visiting again and again and also refer your blog to their friends as well. Thus resulting in increased number of readers which ultimately means more online money. As the benefits I already discussed in the last post, I would now discuss the ways through which you can ensure that you are not a stranger to your readers and make sure that readers to your blog do not come to your blog only once through organic search, but they also bookmark and email your blog page as well.

Since I have decided to impart useful blogging tips and tricks to my readers, so following are the ways to make your readers your friends.

1).Write Quality Content

The top priority should always be the content you are posting on your blog. If it's informative, unique, well written and the readers feel to be engaged, then you will be able to strengthen your bonds with the readers. Of course the visitors are there in search of information. If they feel that the thirst of their knowledge is quenched at your blog, then its more likely that they will follow your blog and refer others as well. Additionally, a little bit of humor can really spice up your content as the readers will feel that they are not reading a newspaper. It's a blog man!!! be natural and the requirement of creating "engaging content" will be almost fulfilled.

2).Use Social Media Websites

Since the advent of these social media websites, the businesses have used this medium very effectively and have been successful. So sign up for these websites like twitter, facebook e.t.c and start following people of your blog's niche. Try to create online community so that the people start knowing you.

A useful way of being effective on these websites is that always complete your full profile. People love to know who they are engaging with. If you leave an incomplete profile, people would not feel like getting engaged with you. Or in other words, if you have your complete profile, with your snaps as well, people would feel that they are interacting with a human. So more chances are created of better relationships if you have your updated and complete profile.

3).Join And Be Active In Forums

Whatever topic you blog about, try to find out some forums related to your niche. Of course you will find forum for any topic as the internet world is too big. Once you come up with some good forums, join these forums. However you cannot achieve your target by just joining them, you need to take an active part in them. Taking active part means start helping out other members in the forums, try to become friends and if you have done these two things and don't know what else to do in the forum. I advise you should start asking questions about the things you need an answer for. Of course this is also going to make you known by the other bloggers or web masters.

You must have figured out that why I said to find forums related to your niche. Of course you can only help other members if you yourself know the answers of the questions asked and this can only happen if the question asked is about your passion.

4).Post Comments On Others Blogs

Try to locate bloggers, blogging in your niche. Read their blog posts and start posting comments. Note that do not post spam comments like, "Nice article, Keep it up or I enjoyed reading thanks for posting" or other crap like this. You'll do this and the bloggers will start blacklisting you. So post original comments which enhance the value of the posts or the blog. Asking questions related to the blog post you are commenting on by the blogger is a good way to initiate the interaction between you and the blogger. This way the people besides the blogger, come to know you and and your blog. And of course, do not forget to leave your blog address. Not in the comment body, but in the "URL" section of a comment. To make people's following to you even more convinient, you can type your blog title in the "Name" section. Or if it seem too spammy, you can type your name and blog title both like yourname@your blog title. The people will start knowing you by your name and your blog.

5).Allowing Comments On Your Blog
Allowing comments on your blog is also an effective way to interact with your readers. Of course the rule is to write good quality articles so the readers are compelled to post their comments. However making visitors feel like posting comment, is a topic which I will discuss in great detail in any other post. For this post, I would advise you that always reply and reply positively against your reader's comments. Make sure that you do reply. If the visitors feel that you don't pay a damn about the comments they post to your article, they will stop commenting in future. Additionally, replying them in friendly tone (this does not mean that reply in favor of the comment. It can be against as well) will help you in making your readers your friends and feel easy on your blog.

6).Create An Email Subscription List
Creating an email list of your readers is a good way to keep your readers engaged with your blog. You need to place an email subscription form or opt-in box at your blog so that the readers can enter their email addresses so that they keep on receiving updates of your blogs. these opt-in boxes can be placed after you sign up for the "auto responders". There are many available out there, free or with some monthly subscription fee. At present, I am not able to recommend any auto responder. So do the research work yourself. Once you develop a good list of your subscribers, it will ensure that your readers keep on visiting your blog for every update.


Monday, 8 March 2010

Why You Should Join PTC Sites


PTC (Paid To Click) sites are gaining popularity as days are passing. Many online money maker wannabees join PTC websites to generate some easy money without putting so much stress on their minds.

Amazingly many experienced bloggers despise these PTC sites and despite blogging about "How To Make Money Online", they never discuss about PTC sites. Few days ago I tried to do a guest post on other blog. The topic was related to the same paid to click websites. The blogger rejected my post.

From then I realized that really no blogger, making good income per month by telling people how they can make money online, love to speak about these sites. The reason is still not known by me.

However I would discuss why you should join these websites. Of course this niche is filled with spammers and it is said that 98% of the PTC sites are scam. Long time to wait for your payout and even many legitimate PTC sites fail to pay and they collapse because of inefficient planning. But yet there are 2% sites which really pay and some of them are paying since last three years.

The advantage of joining these sites is that unlike blogging, you don't have to extract ideas every day from your brain and throw it on your blog post. In fact what you need to do is to click, watch and earn. That's it. No creativity required, no tension of regular updating, no hassles of marketing and promoting your blog. Though blogging will really help you out in gaining referrals.

Many argue that the "reward" is too nominal for them to try. I'd argue that they are absolutely right but what they don't realize is that they are making money for doing nothing and just watching some ads for even less than a minute. Furthermore they can increase their monthly income from these websites once they have a long down line of their referrals. This can be done by either manually referring someone, purchasing referrals or renting referrals. Once they mange to create a long down line list, they are able to earn literally hundreds a month.

For beginners, its definitely not a bad start to make $200-$300 a month. Consider it as your side income, residual income or even pocket money. All you have to is invest your maximum 10 minutes from your 24 hours and the rest will be done by your referrals. You can re-invest this extra income back to the web world to a niche which generate you even more money than PTC websites.

In the end, utilizing ten minutes from the rest of your day and making hundreds at at the end of each month is not bad at all. What I'd recommend is that be skeptic and don't just join any PTC website what you come across. Research about that particular website. The more you'll research, the lesser will be the chance that you will be scammed.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Building Interpersonal Relationships - Key To Success In Making Money Online


Building Interpersonal Relationships
You have just started blogging or a new online business. Equipped with all the necessary ingredients to start your career as a successful blogger or online entrepreneur, you think that nothing is going to get in between your precious monthly pay checks and you, as you have left no stones unturned. But wait! There's still one thing left. Without this aspect your success will be standing far away from you as ever. You really need  to focus on this aspect in order to ensure long term success. This foremost aspect of online marketing is of course building strong interpersonal relationships. 

With every day that passes you are confronted with more competitors present there and waiting for your mistakes so that they turn them into opportunities for themselves. Customers are also becoming less loyal than ever and why wouldn't they be? They have plenty of choices than ever as a result brand switching has become a rite and customers do not just keep with one brand.

So if you have a product review blog (specially), you obviously try to make some sales by reviewing a product. So your visitors will only buy from your blog when there's an element of trust between you and your readers. Customers are more willing to buy an expensive product if it has been recommended by a person they trust, rather than a product with relatively low price not recommended by any one. It's a general observation. So tip of the day is, "Try To Build Relationship With Your Readers".

Are you thinking that what does this, "building online relationships" has to do with a normal blog? If yes then make it clear that strong interpersonal relationship is necessary to make money whether online or other physical business. When you blog you are trying to earn "royalties" for sharing your intellect with others in form of ad space or any other money making way through blogging. So strong relationships really do count here.

Have you analyzed that how the pro's generally make money online? After all their hard works and time invested on the internet they have developed  good bonds with their readers. These readers trust them and in some cases even  figure them as inspirational role models. They follow their mentor's each and every step in order to be and earn like them. So whenever these "giants" test anything new, specially related to their niche they are blogging about, they just sign up into its affiliate program and recommend this product to their readers. So the loyal readers who are more than ready to act upon the advise, also start using these services or products. As a result the pro's earn referral commissions. In other words, their readers make them rich. So online relationship doing the trick for them.

An internet business tycoon John Chow who makes almost $40,000 a month earned around $300 by recommending a product/service via a twitter post in few initial hours. How much does it take to type 145 characters? Imagine making $300 or more by simply doing an effortless posting.

So whenever you start a blog, make sure that you interact with the visitors you receive and make them feel friendly and a personality they can trust.

There are many ways to ensure better relationship with your readers but I would dedicate a different post for this topic as going any more deeper will force you to hit a back button on your browser. So keep visiting for more.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

SEO Tips For Your Web Page Title


Just suppose that you are reading a book based on different topics. How would you know that the page you have just turned to read is based on what topic?

Of course you would read the page title first. After reading the title you will be expecting that all the text would be explaining the title of that particular page. In short the title of any page means that what the page is based upon or what you should expect from the page.

The search engines in this virtual world, operates on the same basis as us to assess the topic of the whole page. The title of of any web page is the element(s) between the title tags  <title> </title>in the header section. The search engine shows the title of the page in its search result plus any additional description.

So in order to rank well for a particular keyword, you should focus on a good, well written and highly optimized web page title.

So what is a well optimized web page title? Of course it's a search engine friendly page title but the question is that how do you write a page title, good enough to ensure high rankings in the search engines. Below are some tips to follow for a good and optimized page title.

Title Length
When researching for this topic, I went through various online places to see that what people have to say about the optimum title length. But as I was expecting, I couldn't come up with one specific answer. I even found a person in a forum saying that he has seen a page with a title of more than 1000 characters and yet it ranked well for the keywords in its meta description tags.

So there's no clear cut answer to what should be the optimum length of a web page title. However many people believe that title length around 65-75 characters seems appropriate. I reckon you should not exceed more than this. After all its just a title. You will get a lot more space in rest of the "body" of the page. So keep it short.

Using Separators Instead Of Words
Whenever you write a title of a page, which has variety of attributes and you want to reflect all of them in your title then I'm sure you use words like and, or, the e.t.c
My advice is to use separators instead. Many experienced web masters separate and distinguish their page titles by using following characters as their title separators:

Hyphen Or Pipe "|"
A Dash "-"
Arrows ">>"

Many other characters are also used such as using bullets, arrow in upward direction "^" or inverted commas. But the three separators are most popular and people often use them and they look more attractive in SERPs as compared to other separators. The reason for using separators is that search engine especially Google assigns a weight to the page title and lesser the characters or words, the more weight will be enjoyed by each character and will result in higher rankings. So instead of using words use separators. Words are simply waste of space and time.

Let's say you have a web page or a blog which is dedicated to teach people how they can make money blogging. Of course you will also advise people some SEO Tips as well as it is also necessary if you really want to make money online from your blog. So a well optimized and search engine friendly title would be:

Make Money Blogging | SEO Tips

instead of:
Learn how to make money blogging and some basic SEO Tips
These type of web page titles also look good in SERPs. As they are attractive, they have a tendency to increase your click through rate.

Use Minimum Prepositions, Articles And Non Value Adding Keywords
This tip is the extension of the last tip. Always try not to use preposition, articles and other words which do not add value at all. Try to minimize them if you cannot eliminate them. The reason is of course as above. You can refer back to the last web page title SEO tip for guidance about creating optimized page title with minimum or no use of such characters or words.

Do Not Forget Keywords Optimization
Remember the most important point, do not forget that the keywords used in page title should be highly optimized and search engine friendly. The topic, "highly optimized keywords" needs an exclusive post as it cannot be discussed in a small paragraph. However making long story short, be realistic here and use those keywords for which there is a possibility for your page to rank high in SERPs and it is searched quite a few times in a month as well.

If the keywords used in page title are not searched by many people in a whole month then its not useful to waste your time for it as even being on number one position, you will not receive good traffic. So my last advise would be that never forget the "Keyword Optimization" part of SEO when writing a good quality web page title for your blog.

Do Not Stuff Title With Keywords
Remember, using keywords in title does not mean that you stuff the title with the keywords unnecessarily. The downfall is that visitors in search engines will not find your page worthy enough to be visited. So following balanced approach, try to write a convincing page title and also keeping in mind, the above tips too.

Keyword Positioning

This one's a rather short tip. Position your most important keywords at the beginning of the title.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010 - Review

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With so many affiliate programs out there, the problem is of course what online affiliate program to join so as to start your career as an affiliate marketer.In order to make money by selling other people's stuffs you need to join an affiliate program that rewards you on a much fairer basis.

Therefore, in this post I would review one of the best and free online affiliate program,

With almost 3000 merchants on board, the shareasale offers a great variety of products to promote. This is the best thing about it. As you are able to market products which relate to different categories which is unlike clickbank. Where all the products are electronic items. I don't say that clickbank sucks. Its a popular affiliate program anyway but relatively, shareasale has a upper hand over clickbank as it provides range of products. So you don't have to restrict your niche. The merchants in shareasale vary from automotive parts and accessories to financial services.

So how does shareasale work? Shareasale works on a simple concept of gathering the merchants and affiliates on one platform. The merchants keep receiving affiliates, willing to promote their products and affiliates are able to find merchants, ready to pay for their efforts.

Shareasale does not only provide a platform but is also provides a dedicated interface, through which both merchants and affiliates can keep  track of their performance. Steps are being taken by the's owners to enhance the interactivity.

For this purpose they have also started a social networking type of service within the web site named as "Affiliate's Aquarium". Where the members, whether affiliates or members can interact with each other. You can join groups or make friends just like any other social networking web site. My opinion is that it's a great way to enhance one's selling potential as an affiliate by seeking help and guidance from other affiliates.

I discussed in my other guest post about that the disadvantage of joining shareasale is that you will have to sacrifice some share of your commission as an affiliate. Let's say if a merchant gives you 20% commission on his own website, then the commission for the same product by the same merchant joined through would be lesser than 20% because would charge affiliates for providing the services. I would confess that I was wrong. Soon after I published this post, a comment was posted by one of the representative of which was:

Thanks for the review on our network Alan. I just wanted to clarify one part of your post. Our transaction fee is actually 20% on top of the affiliate commission, and this fee is paid by the merchant (not taken out of the affiliate's commission). Quick example: if an affiliate earns a $10 commission on a sale referred to a merchant, the merchant then pays ShareASale $2 for the transaction fee (20% of $10). The merchant's total payout in this case would be $12 and the affiliate's commission would be $10.
By David (ShareASale) 

So I guess, the misconception  has been well clarified by one of the official.

Now let's have a look that what facilities provides so as to make the interaction of its members even more convenient.

Types Of Programmes Offered:

This online affiliate marketing platform, offers three types of programmes, its members can participate in and make money through affiliate marketing. These types are:

1).Pay Per Sale Program
The most simple, make a sale and earn commission program.It's simple and too obvious to understand that I think I don't need to explain it any further.

2).Pay Per Lead Program
You can also earn in this program by creating leads to some web sites, rather than making a sale. The moment a person signs up using your e-mail address, your account would be credited. It's more easy to bring leads to a business rather than making a sale as creating lead does not require a credit card to be pulled out of your pockets. Definitely the reward is also less than a sales commission. itself offers a pay per lead program for its own web site. You make $1 for every member referred by you to this site. Not every web site offer this pay per lead program.

3).Pay Per Click Program
This one's the best program which is offered. Just like any other PPC program, you earn for every click you receive on the link to any web site (merchant in But there's a problem. You have to reach the minimum payout at least once in order to be eligible for this program and just like pay per lead, it is also not offered by all the merchants at In fact the least number of merchants pay you per click as compared to other two programmes.

The above are the types of programmes offered. also provides you with the following facilities so that you can make maximum out of it.

Make A Page

The online affiliate program keeps in mind that many of its affiliates prefer to sale the products via a blog or a web site. So a link named as "Make A Page" is there to help you out. You don't need to work hard trying to integrate your affiliate links in your web page as it's already done by it. Just click the link (Make A Page). choose the affiliate you are already enrolled in, set the specifications best suited for your website or blog's theme and create a page. A whole page is created with the products specified and your link integrated in to them. Just copy and paste the code in your blog and you are done. Whole new page full of your affiliate links is created.

Multiple Banners And Links

Varieties of text links and banners are offered by the merchants so you promote their web sites in the most convincing and mesmerizing way.

Specific Product Links

Exclusive links are also available redirecting your customers to a specific product. Let's say that you need to promote only one product. You can get a link to it from the control panel and start promoting it.

With all the above facilities and ease to promote and sell stuff online, If you really find this ShareASale Review useful, then I recommend you to join and start selling other people stuff.




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