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With so many affiliate programs out there, the problem is of course what online affiliate program to join so as to start your career as an affiliate marketer.In order to make money by selling other people's stuffs you need to join an affiliate program that rewards you on a much fairer basis.

Therefore, in this post I would review one of the best and free online affiliate program,

With almost 3000 merchants on board, the shareasale offers a great variety of products to promote. This is the best thing about it. As you are able to market products which relate to different categories which is unlike clickbank. Where all the products are electronic items. I don't say that clickbank sucks. Its a popular affiliate program anyway but relatively, shareasale has a upper hand over clickbank as it provides range of products. So you don't have to restrict your niche. The merchants in shareasale vary from automotive parts and accessories to financial services.

So how does shareasale work? Shareasale works on a simple concept of gathering the merchants and affiliates on one platform. The merchants keep receiving affiliates, willing to promote their products and affiliates are able to find merchants, ready to pay for their efforts.

Shareasale does not only provide a platform but is also provides a dedicated interface, through which both merchants and affiliates can keep  track of their performance. Steps are being taken by the's owners to enhance the interactivity.

For this purpose they have also started a social networking type of service within the web site named as "Affiliate's Aquarium". Where the members, whether affiliates or members can interact with each other. You can join groups or make friends just like any other social networking web site. My opinion is that it's a great way to enhance one's selling potential as an affiliate by seeking help and guidance from other affiliates.

I discussed in my other guest post about that the disadvantage of joining shareasale is that you will have to sacrifice some share of your commission as an affiliate. Let's say if a merchant gives you 20% commission on his own website, then the commission for the same product by the same merchant joined through would be lesser than 20% because would charge affiliates for providing the services. I would confess that I was wrong. Soon after I published this post, a comment was posted by one of the representative of which was:

Thanks for the review on our network Alan. I just wanted to clarify one part of your post. Our transaction fee is actually 20% on top of the affiliate commission, and this fee is paid by the merchant (not taken out of the affiliate's commission). Quick example: if an affiliate earns a $10 commission on a sale referred to a merchant, the merchant then pays ShareASale $2 for the transaction fee (20% of $10). The merchant's total payout in this case would be $12 and the affiliate's commission would be $10.
By David (ShareASale) 

So I guess, the misconception  has been well clarified by one of the official.

Now let's have a look that what facilities provides so as to make the interaction of its members even more convenient.

Types Of Programmes Offered:

This online affiliate marketing platform, offers three types of programmes, its members can participate in and make money through affiliate marketing. These types are:

1).Pay Per Sale Program
The most simple, make a sale and earn commission program.It's simple and too obvious to understand that I think I don't need to explain it any further.

2).Pay Per Lead Program
You can also earn in this program by creating leads to some web sites, rather than making a sale. The moment a person signs up using your e-mail address, your account would be credited. It's more easy to bring leads to a business rather than making a sale as creating lead does not require a credit card to be pulled out of your pockets. Definitely the reward is also less than a sales commission. itself offers a pay per lead program for its own web site. You make $1 for every member referred by you to this site. Not every web site offer this pay per lead program.

3).Pay Per Click Program
This one's the best program which is offered. Just like any other PPC program, you earn for every click you receive on the link to any web site (merchant in But there's a problem. You have to reach the minimum payout at least once in order to be eligible for this program and just like pay per lead, it is also not offered by all the merchants at In fact the least number of merchants pay you per click as compared to other two programmes.

The above are the types of programmes offered. also provides you with the following facilities so that you can make maximum out of it.

Make A Page

The online affiliate program keeps in mind that many of its affiliates prefer to sale the products via a blog or a web site. So a link named as "Make A Page" is there to help you out. You don't need to work hard trying to integrate your affiliate links in your web page as it's already done by it. Just click the link (Make A Page). choose the affiliate you are already enrolled in, set the specifications best suited for your website or blog's theme and create a page. A whole page is created with the products specified and your link integrated in to them. Just copy and paste the code in your blog and you are done. Whole new page full of your affiliate links is created.

Multiple Banners And Links

Varieties of text links and banners are offered by the merchants so you promote their web sites in the most convincing and mesmerizing way.

Specific Product Links

Exclusive links are also available redirecting your customers to a specific product. Let's say that you need to promote only one product. You can get a link to it from the control panel and start promoting it.

With all the above facilities and ease to promote and sell stuff online, If you really find this ShareASale Review useful, then I recommend you to join and start selling other people stuff.


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