Monday, 8 March 2010

Why You Should Join PTC Sites

PTC (Paid To Click) sites are gaining popularity as days are passing. Many online money maker wannabees join PTC websites to generate some easy money without putting so much stress on their minds.

Amazingly many experienced bloggers despise these PTC sites and despite blogging about "How To Make Money Online", they never discuss about PTC sites. Few days ago I tried to do a guest post on other blog. The topic was related to the same paid to click websites. The blogger rejected my post.

From then I realized that really no blogger, making good income per month by telling people how they can make money online, love to speak about these sites. The reason is still not known by me.

However I would discuss why you should join these websites. Of course this niche is filled with spammers and it is said that 98% of the PTC sites are scam. Long time to wait for your payout and even many legitimate PTC sites fail to pay and they collapse because of inefficient planning. But yet there are 2% sites which really pay and some of them are paying since last three years.

The advantage of joining these sites is that unlike blogging, you don't have to extract ideas every day from your brain and throw it on your blog post. In fact what you need to do is to click, watch and earn. That's it. No creativity required, no tension of regular updating, no hassles of marketing and promoting your blog. Though blogging will really help you out in gaining referrals.

Many argue that the "reward" is too nominal for them to try. I'd argue that they are absolutely right but what they don't realize is that they are making money for doing nothing and just watching some ads for even less than a minute. Furthermore they can increase their monthly income from these websites once they have a long down line of their referrals. This can be done by either manually referring someone, purchasing referrals or renting referrals. Once they mange to create a long down line list, they are able to earn literally hundreds a month.

For beginners, its definitely not a bad start to make $200-$300 a month. Consider it as your side income, residual income or even pocket money. All you have to is invest your maximum 10 minutes from your 24 hours and the rest will be done by your referrals. You can re-invest this extra income back to the web world to a niche which generate you even more money than PTC websites.

In the end, utilizing ten minutes from the rest of your day and making hundreds at at the end of each month is not bad at all. What I'd recommend is that be skeptic and don't just join any PTC website what you come across. Research about that particular website. The more you'll research, the lesser will be the chance that you will be scammed.


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