Sunday, 7 March 2010

Building Interpersonal Relationships - Key To Success In Making Money Online

Building Interpersonal Relationships
You have just started blogging or a new online business. Equipped with all the necessary ingredients to start your career as a successful blogger or online entrepreneur, you think that nothing is going to get in between your precious monthly pay checks and you, as you have left no stones unturned. But wait! There's still one thing left. Without this aspect your success will be standing far away from you as ever. You really need  to focus on this aspect in order to ensure long term success. This foremost aspect of online marketing is of course building strong interpersonal relationships. 

With every day that passes you are confronted with more competitors present there and waiting for your mistakes so that they turn them into opportunities for themselves. Customers are also becoming less loyal than ever and why wouldn't they be? They have plenty of choices than ever as a result brand switching has become a rite and customers do not just keep with one brand.

So if you have a product review blog (specially), you obviously try to make some sales by reviewing a product. So your visitors will only buy from your blog when there's an element of trust between you and your readers. Customers are more willing to buy an expensive product if it has been recommended by a person they trust, rather than a product with relatively low price not recommended by any one. It's a general observation. So tip of the day is, "Try To Build Relationship With Your Readers".

Are you thinking that what does this, "building online relationships" has to do with a normal blog? If yes then make it clear that strong interpersonal relationship is necessary to make money whether online or other physical business. When you blog you are trying to earn "royalties" for sharing your intellect with others in form of ad space or any other money making way through blogging. So strong relationships really do count here.

Have you analyzed that how the pro's generally make money online? After all their hard works and time invested on the internet they have developed  good bonds with their readers. These readers trust them and in some cases even  figure them as inspirational role models. They follow their mentor's each and every step in order to be and earn like them. So whenever these "giants" test anything new, specially related to their niche they are blogging about, they just sign up into its affiliate program and recommend this product to their readers. So the loyal readers who are more than ready to act upon the advise, also start using these services or products. As a result the pro's earn referral commissions. In other words, their readers make them rich. So online relationship doing the trick for them.

An internet business tycoon John Chow who makes almost $40,000 a month earned around $300 by recommending a product/service via a twitter post in few initial hours. How much does it take to type 145 characters? Imagine making $300 or more by simply doing an effortless posting.

So whenever you start a blog, make sure that you interact with the visitors you receive and make them feel friendly and a personality they can trust.

There are many ways to ensure better relationship with your readers but I would dedicate a different post for this topic as going any more deeper will force you to hit a back button on your browser. So keep visiting for more.


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